Burial Options at Penn Lincoln Memorial Park

At Penn Lincoln Memorial Park, you choose the package that best suits you and your family. Take a look below at the three main types of burial options available at our park: cremation, above-ground burial, and in-ground burial.



Cremation is the most affordable type of burial at Penn Lincoln Memorial Park and is quickly becoming the most popular. Many individuals preplan their cremation arrangements because it is the most flexible approach. With a cremation package you can: 

  • Choose from a large variety of options including indoor & outdoor cremation niches, mausoleum & in-ground burials, benches, and more
  • Save at least 50% compared to the cost of a traditional burial
  • Make complicated decisions much simpler by acting before the time of death

Above-Ground Burial

Above-ground burial is also growing in popularity at Penn Lincoln. It's not hard to see why. The mausoleums at Penn Lincoln Park are beautiful testaments to life.

More importantly, mausoleum burial is flexible. You can choose between indoor crypts in our chapel mausoleum or outdoor crypts in the Garden of Gethsemane.

No matter your choice, all crypts can accommodate caskets and burial urns. 



In-Ground Burial

Penn Lincoln also offers a variety of traditional in-ground burial options. Choose a beautiful resting place in one our 17 expertly-designed side-by-side burial gardens. Our newest is the Garden of Faith. This garden boasts a breathtaking, hand-carved, Italian granite statue of Christ.